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Essays, Commentaries

With the links below, you will find a journey through my mind, a romp through my past, a taste of things from a palate of differing experiences.  There will be opinions, points of contention, amusement and hopefully entertainment.


Some may not be posted yet as they are still being transferred into web-format. 

As you read, there will be terrors released on the world, insanity visited, heart strings pulled, faith and doctrine challenged, and reality confronted.  Growing, developing and improving, the writings have demonstrated what I have become capable of through the refining process learned over the term of the course of my life.  The topics covered are quite diverse.  They range from personally terrorizing the public to sending a son to fight terrorism. 

 There is also a defense of protected individual rights and freedoms contained with in these pages.

Hopefully you, the reader will enjoy, laugh, cry and cringe, weep and think anew simply by taking the time to read these pages.

As you read, you will experience what it is like to be a creature of fear and loathing.  A creature that escapes and terrifies the public without warning.  You may find in another writing what it is like to find your child in the path of a heavily armed hateful and malicious enemy as you celebrate Thanksgiving.  You may also learn the many ways of being “cuckoo” while building your nest.  

My hope is that you will enjoy these distractions and entertainments.

Thank you for your attention, sincerely


D. B. Evans

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