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Dedicated to my Father
How Many?

Speech given on Dec . 9,  2002

by Donald B. Evans

How many have ever considered owning a city block around 5th Ave in the heart of Manhattan?

How many have gone from riches to rags?

How many have lived through such an economic depression that they literally did not have two pennies to rub together?

How many have climbed back from the bottom to live comfortably again?

How many have served in the Nation’s Armed Forces in time of a world war?

How many have sat in a foxhole waiting for a tenacious and numerically superior military force to come stomping over them?

How many were so frightened that they could almost crawl completely inside a steel helmet and still managed to stay the course?

How many have survived an open surgery when the anesthetic suddenly wears off, then having to be packed in ice to be kept alive?


How many have set high goals and high standards for themselves?

How many have forced themselves to achieve those goals, all the time owning up to those high standards?

How many have had such a marriage that the two were truly equal partners?

How many can call them self an honest lawyer?

How many have had to sit in judgment over others?

How many have had to take away another person’s freedom by sending them to jail?

How many have without expecting it, received a Doctorate of Jurist Prudence in the mail simply because they had unknowingly qualified for it?

How many have successfully mentored children into adults?

How many have had the opportunity to attend their grandchild’s wedding?

How many have held their Great Grandchildren?

How many have attended the graduation of their Great Grandchildren?

How many have had to be the youngest and had to say good bye and bury their brothers and sisters?

How many have had to bury their life’s partner long before expected?

How many would like their epitaph to read:
“I achieved every title I ever wanted; Lawyer, Doctor, Judge, Husband, Father, Grand father, Great

I know of only one person that fits that entire criteria, my father, my friend and my mentor. A man
whom I thank God for having the privilege to have known let alone to have had as my father.

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