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The Blame Game

Where does the blame fall?

Whose fault is it for the problems our society faces today?

Our society is in turmoil

Who is to blame for all that is happening today?

Everyone is pointing the finger at someone else. Just like Adam and Eve when asked who had sinned, they each dodged the question and pointed to someone else. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the Serpent.

So many try to remove themselves from the situation the US and the world are facing. They blame everyone and everything, pointing fingers in all direction as they  try and figure out what happened to “the way things were”. It’s the big bad Oil companies, yeah that’s the problem! It’s the Lawyers, it’s the Doctors, the Insurance
companies fault, Big Pharmaceuticals, the banks, “Wall Street”, or even the Government, Republicans, Democrats. Well let’s set some things straight and point the finger(s) in the right direction.

Corporations are merely microcosms of government. A government is a massive version of a corporation and in reality is only a reflection of its people. People allow despots to lead them whether in government or in a corporation; usually because the despot in question has promised them something they want. It could be money, pseudo-freedom, food for all, housing for everyone, a new world where people are homogeneous and told they are living happily with their “stuff”.

You point to the Corporations, they’re “evil” they “don’t care” or similar quotations. Well to be honest about it, they are just groups of people who have “incorporated” themselves for a purpose. What then is the purpose? The purpose is to run a company which supplies something; a product, a service of some kind that we WANT.

When you have a few people wanting something, yeah it can be done by a local craftsman, but we are not talking about only a few people but millions and hundreds of millions of people all wanting the same thing. A corporation is just the natural conclusion to such massive human desires. The reason they (the corporation) are doing so is because so many MANY people want the same product or service in question. Whether its oil, electricity, gas, VCR’s, DVD’s, the latest flat screen or ipod, ipad it is the need for mass production because people WANT it. Governments do exactly the same thing, providing a product or service for money only governments do not give you a choice and simply take your money from you and call it legal, after all it’s their right to levy a TAX! So long as so many people WANT, we will have these corrupt governments and corporations.

“Shut down the oil companies”; so many will cry out.

Well get off your computer made from petroleum based plastic.

Throw out your big screen TV, DVD players, I-pods and toys of personal entertainment and vanity. Grow your own food so you don’t drive your gas powered car with its oil lubricants and plastics!

Walk do not drive, remember even a bicycle has rubber tires.

Turn off your lights and stop using electricity. That uses coal and oil to make it. Unless one prefers the use of Nuclear energy, why not, what could go wrong with that? But then people will decry “Solar and Wind power, that’s the answer!”


But you forget you need the wires to connect to the grid. Wire comes from factories owned and operated by corporations. Wire takes machinery to manufacture, that requires lubricants made from oil. It also requires trucks to bring the machinery to the factories plus the fuel to power those trucks. There is then the need for the auto CORPORATIONS to manufacture the trucks. We need the trucks to install and maintain the wires from power company to user. This process is the same for the gas company as the piping needs to be manufactured and installed to get the gas to the users.

But then each house should have solar panels so we can be off the grid. Then again you need the trucks to bring the panels to the homes. You need those factories to make the solar panels. You need the factories and the corporations to make the wires in the houses and factories to manufacture all the things WANTED that requires electricity; the appliances such as TV’s, computers, microwaves, toasters, and all those things people used to know how to do without. The water you use daily without caring is piped to your homes. Those pipes need to be manufactured and installed. This again requires the factories, the trucks and the corporations. All of these elements are interrelated and connected. The more we want the more corporations there will be. If you want to stop the corporations you have to stop wanting. How many actually consider the comparison of “want vs. need”?

So the cry goes out. Stop the corporations from doing it and have the government do it. All that does is change the name on the sign over the door. The government is just a larger corporation and will just put in place of power another group of people to do exactly the same thing. And in most cases exactly the same people as they have the knowledge and experience to run that former “corporation”. This all comes down to the fact the situation we are in is because of ALL OF US. Left, right, middle, democrat, republican, socialist, communist, libertarian, “green”; it’s because people are what we are; selfish, vain, uncaring, unloving, ungodly, unforgiving, desirous, coveting (wanting) everything.

What stupid people, blind guides, blind fools what self righteous hypocrites we all are. When you point at BP for the oil spill, know you had a hand in it as well. You and I are just as responsible! When an Exxon oil tanker leaks oil, know you and everyone else had them bringing that oil for your use. They did not do that for their own personal reasons but for everyone to partake of as well. Just because you are not working for Exxon or BP, just because you are not at the helm of the ship you are just as responsible, it’s your wants they are satisfying. When the trucks and industries spew smoke and pollutants into the air, know they’re doing that to satisfy your wants.

Everyone wants the latest gadget. Everyone wants the same as their neighbor; after all why should they have the better and newest, or the biggest or powerful incarnation of the human machination? Such vanity, such a lack of self worth to hide it in “things”; is it any wonder the world is in the state it is in? We are all at fault for these spills, the dead streams, lakes and river; the garbage floating up on the shores, piled at the bottom of the oceans; the intoxication of the earth. Just as the soldiers pierced Christ, we have pierced the earth for our own selfishness as well. People want, they want what the other person has.

This desire for so much stuff by so many has enslaved us to these companies. We work so we can buy the gas to put in the car so we can drive to work. We need to work so we can pay for the electricity which powers our TV’s, DVD’s, Computers and other toys to occupy our wasted time. We have to work to pay the taxes to pay the salaries for the workers to take away our garbage and dump it in the oceans. Of course we would not do that ourselves, we care about the planet; instead we pay someone else to do it for us, that way our hands are clean. Like the stereo typical mafia “Godfather” who never pulls the trigger, and instead just pays someone to do the killing, so too we as a people claim innocence as we pay others to do our dirty work for us. Pontius Pilate washed his hands as well, but the blood remains on him as with everyone else who was involved. So if you really want to change the world, you have to change your own ways and do so before you demand others to change theirs.


No longer can you can remain in your personal comfort zone and feel your hands are clean. And finally we have the banks, the big banks, the little banks and the in between banks. Oh they’re evil, they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Such is the cry of those who (like the people working in the banks) work hard to make a living, to make ends meet. But it can also be seen how everyone has allowed themselves to become subservient to the banks. By ~wanting~ more than one can afford, credit is used. This means borrowing someone else’s money. Now not only is the individual or family paying for what they need in life, they are paying for what they “want”, what they desire. So again, want and desire of our own choosing is right there at the core of the problems we face. And once again I say to you all ~stop wanting~.

Stop wanting those things which break, deteriorate, rust and are stolen. Store your real treasures; time with your family, time with your friends, time with your family. I know that was repeated but it is the most important next to time with God; that quiet time in prayer, in thought and study of His Word. No physical objects can replace the memories and wisdom which come from these aspects of our lives. Stop wanting, stop wanting earthly things, pleasures, distractions from what is truly important. Stop wanting more than you can afford to have, all it does is enslave you to debt, to the banks and the government (through the requirement of taxes.) Be humble, be satisfied with what you have, and if you are blessed with more, don’t forget the duty of those who have to share with those who do not. This does not mean the latest technology but food, clothing, spiritual support and in some cases financial.

Instead of turning to “governments” (whether it is in the form of a corporation or a larger national version), or turning to “money”, sex, drugs “rock n roll”; turn to God, turn to the simplicity of relying on Him for your needs, as He has promised to always provide, just as He does with the flowers, trees, deer, bears, lions, and all the other creatures of the earth. So too He has provided all of this for us, to use not abuse. His command was to subdue, not destroy and conquer the earth. Stop wanting so much, stop wanting to be better or have more or the latest; said in plain simple terms, “stop wanting”.

When asked what was the greatest Commandment Jesus answered “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength” (Deut 6:4) but added a caveat “The second is like it; love your neighbor as yourself.” (Lev 19:18) If we loved our neighbors as much as we loved ourselves, no one would want or need as we would satisfy these along with our own. Instead of everyone running after the satisfying of their own selfish personal wants and desires everyone’s needs would be met. Return to Me says the Lord, and I will return to you.

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