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            It's election season once again.  At this time as usual it needs to be pointed out, the catch phrase "their equal share" is an empty phrase.  Those who use it are playing on the individual's emotions of jealousy, envy, "coveting" that which others have.  It's not so hard anymore in our current American society as people want more and more stuff, placing their happiness on their personal entertainment, their possessions, or their stature as they perceive it to be. 

            Politicians from both parties are inclined to move money about to best suit their friends and political allies.  These friends and allies can be seen as those who are getting richer.  (Ref 1 Sam 8) Notice the "war on poverty" has only increased the amount of people in poverty of late.  So what's going on?  We're spending more than ever on so called "entitlement" programs, as if anyone is ever entitled to anything, let alone that which belongs to someone else.  The most in food stamps is being doled out in the history of the program.  And the situation is only getting worse.  So, tell them "those people with more are the problem, trust and vote for me and we'll show them!  We'll take from them and give it to you; just sit back and you don't have to do anything but vote the way I tell you to, you can trust me, I'm on your side...".  What they don't tell you is, they too are wealthy and are far from willing to share theirs with you, but are more than willing to take from their political opponents and give to you.  IT'S A SCAM!  Wake up, grow up, you're being conned.  As the saying goes, "it's easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled". 

            Robin Hood, that beloved infamous "good-bad guy" DID NOT ROB FROM THE RICH TO GIVE TO THE POOR.  He stole back what was taken by a corrupt GOVERNMENT THROUGH INCREASING TAXATION who then dispersed it to their political friends and allies; those people in the government!  There was no "middle class" in that caste system in the time period the story is set in.  There were the "political elites" and the "peasantry".  A status quo the US is starting to mirror as the wealth is pouring into the pockets of the politicians all the while pitting the people (peasantry) against each other in an "us vs. them", "D vs. R" illusion. 

            So now, the phrase "fair share" as in who is paying their "Fair Share", how do you who are throwing that phrase about define "fair share"?  Having someone paying for all your "stuff"?  Paying YOUR way in life?  The wealthy pay over 60% of the US taxes, many on the lower end pay NOTHING at all!  Those in the middle are crushed with a tiered tax system in place.  They work themselves to death while the wealth increases in some and those who don't work at all continue to reap the benefits of the "entitlement" system.  All for doing nothing at all but sit back and allow themselves to be "entertained".  Those who pay nothing, but are reaping the benefits, are they paying their "fair share" when they are paying nothing at all?  Are the rich paying too little when they are paying 30% or better of their income?  Is that fair when some pay nothing and get everything handed to them and those who pay a lot actually reap very little for what they are paying out?  A conundrum, who is actually paying their "fair share"?  What if everyone paid the same percentage with no "loop holes"?  Such has been suggested. 

            Please, since some like to use the word "fair" as in "fair share", please define "fair" in this sense.  What does it actually mean?  Is it fair to take from someone that which belongs to them and give it to yourselves or someone else simply because you feel they have more or better?  Who is the greedy one, one or the other or both or none? 

            This brings up the word "equality", so how do we define that word?  What is "equal"?  Everyone being a "cookie-cutter" imitation of each other or a committee designed fabrication of what they perceive a person to be and should have?   Is it the governments job to make people be "equal" so all look, dress, act, think, behave the same?  Does equal mean being the "same" as each other?  If not, then some of you better rethink how you use the term "equality".  Too many use it to foster a Marxist  (Socialist / Communist etc.) ideology where people are forced to be allegedly "equal".  Which in actuality is not true as then there is once again a Political Class and a Peasantry and the only ones with money are those in power who tax and give to their political friends and allies.

            Within the context of this "equality" we come across so called "feminism" where many women allegedly espouse the concept of so called "women's rights" and the freedom of women to be themselves and achieve that which they want as "equals" to men.   However far too often those who call themselves "feminists" in reality are not and are hiding behind the word to mask their true ideologies.  Let a woman express a different point of view or concept of what "Feminism" encapsulates and they are no longer to be treated with respect as a woman or even as an individual human being!  Far too many alleged "feminists" don't want strong women, they want women who express ONLY one narrow ideology, theirs.  Let a woman go against their point of view and the woman is castigated, vilified and targeted for any and all ad hominem attacks possible. 

            This "ism" craze is not limited to Feminism and Feminists, the same actions and tactics can be seen in other divisive groupings.  "Racism" for one, if you don't espouse one side's very narrow definition of the word, you are no longer part of their exclusive club.  One may not have an opposing view on solutions and are requited on pain of retribution to adhere to their preconceived tenants.  True, this one sided approach is pretty much exclusive to one particular political side of the equation, but one must be careful in casting such a broad brush for fear of becoming that which you are criticizing. 

            Individual freedoms carry with it the requirement to allow others THEIR individuality and individual freedoms.  A tough medicine to take at times.  So, do you demand that which others own be taken and handed over to you or others?  Do you demand others think and act like you and if they don't, berate them ad-nauseum?  Does doing so make you feel better?  Do you do these things within the veil of "I was just trying to be funny"; or hide it behind "No offense meant"?  Do you allow for disagreement or decide to snipe back to bolster your egos?


Is such a society as ours even worthy of continuance?

Fair Share

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