Ok, some are not going to agree and will probably get all bent out of
shape. If there is going to be such an emotional reaction to this subject, maybe it
would be better to skip this page and essay entirely. But if you have an open
mind, the definitely keep reading.
Aside from the inferences and implications found in Genesis with the
Sodom and Gomorrah narrative, the Bible has specific comments on this subject.
The book of Leviticus has a couple of unambiguous statements.
Lev 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an
Lev 20:13 “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed
an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”
A friend commented the other night: “Homosexuality isn’t natural” and “it’s a sin”. As for it
being a sin, that has been covered and overwhelmingly demonstrated and is within the realm of faith;
an abstract concept which is not the scope or target of the next section of this discourse. What I am
going to look at and present are in the physical realm of Nature itself.
The Question
Is it unnatural? How does Nature (Mother Nature to some) view this subject?
Let's take “homosexuality” just as it stands; sexual contact or relations between two members
of the same sex (and species).
The first point is the question of why “we” or any other mammalian species engages in the act
of “sex”. What is the purpose?
All parts of a living organism, (of which we are one of many), have a systemic part to play within
the whole of an individual member of the species. This is the case with most mammals, which
category the humans fall into. In this collection of parts there are the sexual organs. What are these
They are for the propagation of the species. (Contrary to popular belief they are not sets of preattached
toys.) Simply put, people have these parts to make more people, the continuation of life.
This is Mother Nature’s only concern. It has been said that there is no particular “natural” or “normal”
type of sex. This begs the question “Where does Nature stand on this issue?”
Mother Nature and Her Children
Mother Nature is blind to any particular species, race or gender when her “rules” are invoked.
Mother Nature is seemingly cold and unforgiving in the way she deals with the myriad of life forms on
this planet where some survive and others are never seen or heard of again. Why? What happened?
They were “culled” from the lists through natural selection.
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10/27/2019 - Homosexuality
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Natural Selection
According to natural processes, it is for the male to impregnate the female through the
biological function known as “sex” or “intercourse”. Fertilizing the egg within said female, thus
continuing the species. This is Nature’s purpose for sexual organs, to replenish the species. The
“fun” that is associated with the act is a conditioned human response to the act; the internal chemical
reactions which cause the male and female to mate for said continuation. This is oddly enough
coupled through the same nerve paths associated with the human desire to “eat” for sustenance,
again, the continuation of life.
In virtually every species there are members that engage in homosexual actions. This would imply
to some that it is “natural”. How does this fit into Mother Nature’s “rules”? The “Natural” implications
of any homosexual action are non reproduction. If one is homosexual, they are not reproducing. This
is the measuring bar of nature. There is no prejudice to a race or individual or gender. Whether or
not the species’ continuation is helped or hindered is Mother Nature’s only concern.
However, sometimes Mother Nature does things in some very interesting ways. For example, if
there is a latent genetic problem within an individual, Mother Nature will try to “evolve” that defect
away to prevent a degradation of the species’ overall gene pool. It could be a disease, a possible
defect, a latent genetic problem that Nature has reason to prevent. It could be any one of a number of
things that Nature has selected to eliminate for the betterment of the species. It may seem callous on
its surface, but that is how Nature to works. It is only trying to maintain the species as best it can.
There is no personal opinion involved with this selection process.
Therefore the “Natural” implication of homosexuality is that Nature does not want those
individuals to reproduce. For whatever reason, the unseen hand of Nature has caused these particular
animals genetics to be culled out of the gene pool. Not necessarily from life’s lists, but from the
gene pool. Unless it helps the species survive, it is culled out. Homosexuality is only one method on
a list which will be presented shortly.
The Numbers
If a species were to have an over abundance of homosexuality, it would begin to eliminate itself
as a species. That species overall numbers would decrease. Nature would then somehow have to step
in, in some fashion to save the species. The numbers of homosexuals within the human community
that have been bantered about are apparently unsubstantiated and blatantly false according to
“We used that figure [10%] when most gay people were entirely hidden to try to create an
impression of our numerousness,’ says Tom Stoddard, former member of the Lambda Legal Defense
Fund, “The Homosexual Numbers” Newsweek March 22, 1993, p37.
Nature works for the continuation of life and the species. If man is a part of this planet and
its bio-systems, a true part of the Earth’s living family, then there is no reason to suspect that we are
so extremely different than most any other species within the collection of the natural processes.
When Nature encounters something that is against its goal, it is eliminated through “evolution” or
“Natural Selection”.
There is not a personal opinion of something being “right” or “wrong”. This is just “Nature” and
how it deals with it.
Step by step
As noted, the sexual organs of the human (a variant of mammals), is designed for the
reproduction of the species. Just as each mammal generally mates and bears young, so too the
human, (AKA Homo-Sapien-Sapien to some).
10/27/2019 - Homosexuality
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Nature provides life on Earth with the ability to adapt or it eventually disappears from the planet.
In Evolutionary terms this is called “Natural Selection”. That which does not enable continuation of the
species or threatens it is then “selected” out of the future of Earth’s animal kingdom. Or to the
opposite end, if something will make the species survive better, it is selected “in” to the gene pool.
When a species encounters a situation with in its environment, it either adapts or it succumbs.
To prevent this from happening until the group is eradicated, nature has allowed for this process of
“Natural Selection”. It all focuses on the adaptation and continuation of the species, the continuation
of life.
The various processes that Nature has come up with to do this can be considered brutal in
some circles. Be it a chased down slow member of a herd, a sickly one that is not strong enough to
get past infancy or a predisposition to one of the same sex for mating. All have exactly the same
result within the parameters of the process of Natural Selection. To Mother Nature, all of those
examples are the same with the same effect. If all are to be considered “natural” occurrences in their
own right, then they must be considered equally without the emotion.
(Scientific information)
The effects of Mother Nature regarding Natural Selection including homosexuality
“Here are a few examples concerning man and evolution to help gain understanding of the way
evolution works. The effects shown are not necessarily caused by genetics, but evolution treats all
conditions as if they were. Note that natural selection acts as if all genes are involved in the success or
failure of the individual. Each case that reduces the expected offspring is considered a vote against
each gene in the genome. Each case that equals or exceeds the expected offspring is considered a
vote for each gene in the genome. The mixing of genes in recombination allow individual allele
selection over the long period of time.
Effect1: The new gene shortens the life to 35 years. Natural selection would not see this defect as
detrimental since the children will be old enough to fend for themselves by that time.
Effect2: The parent has too many children. If so many children were born that the resulting death or
misery rate reduced the number of the children who had children, evolution would see this as
detrimental. If society takes care of his children for him they will be healthy enough to raise more
children and evolution would judge the condition as beneficial
Effect3: The parent does not take good care of his children. If society does not interfere by taking care
of the children for him, the suffering children are less likely to raise children of their own and
evolution would judge that the condition is detrimental. If society cares for his children, evolution will
judge the condition beneficial.
Effect4: The new gene lengthens life to 150 years. Evolution will not see this change as beneficial.
Neither will it see later mutations that degrade it as detrimental, until the life expectancy gets so low
that it affects child bearing and raising.
Effect5: The man is a murderer of children. His murder of someone else's children will affect the
evaluation of the genes of their parents adversely. If the murderer has sufficient children of his own,
evolution will not see anything detrimental in his lineage.
Effect6: The man is cruel and vicious with his wife. As long as he does not kill her or otherwise render
her unable to care for her children, evolution will see no harm. Even if he kills her and society takes
over the raising of his children, evolution will still see no harm
10/27/2019 - Homosexuality
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Effect7: The man dies of an accident before he has children. Natural selection will see this death as
Effect8: A young lady decides not to marry and have children. Natural selection will see this as
Effect9: A man decides to adopt children instead of having his own. Natural selection will vote for the
genes of the natural parents of the children and vote against the adoptive parent's gene set.
A great difference clearly exists between the goals of evolution and those of a compassionate culture.
We are built one way, but we want to be another way. Luckily there is a large overlap where both
evolution and man desire the same thing. Unfortunately, where we differ the choices are all quite
As we see, Homosexuality falls into effect “8”.
In the end, it can be considered that “homosexuality” is a natural act in that it is “Nature’s” way of
population control as well as the preventative maintenance of the gene pool. The student mentioned
earlier was wrong in that Homosexuality IS natural, but only within certain parameters. Those
parameters being, it is only natural if it is wrong according to Mother Nature and her rules on
The Rub
On the one hand there are the “opponents” to homosexuality that believe it is wrong because it is
“unnatural”. On the other, the proponents who belief it is “natural” and therefore “right” and should
be a freely accepted practice or “lifestyle”.
When to the chagrin of the first, it can be demonstrated that it is “wrong” not because of it being
“unnatural” but because of it being a “natural” occurrence.
The latter falls into it being “right”, only because it being the unnatural occurrence within Nature’s
negative tenants of Natural Selection.
So both sides have merit, but for exactly the opposite reasons they would prefer.
The morality concerning homosexuality can be considered a part of that norm in a sense; as that part
of Nature which is fostering the growth of the species keeps in check, that part which would threaten
Whether or not one is for or against, Mother Nature has her own stand on it as just
demonstrated. A problem is that people will not like this stand on the subject and will quickly reject
the findings due to their personal opinions. And so the facts and truth behind it all will remain a
mystery and the topic confusing to them.
This is the apple pealed back to reveal each part and aspect; as opposed to those who would try to
convolute it all and make as stated “applesauce”. This IS the Apple in its “Natural” state not the
processed flavored version.
1 Corinthians 6:18-20 (NKJV).. Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the
body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that
your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not
your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit,
which are God’s.