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The Human Family

            Human existence flourishes when it is allowed to be diverse and free for the individual to be them self. Humanity was  never meant to be a sheet of cookie cutter "gingerbread" drones all acting, doing and thinking the same way. However, this concept does not work without people having some level of restrictions. We are not identical bricks in a human societal structure held together by a mortar of materialism. Even the best photographer works within the confines of the frame; so too the artist must work within the size of the picture frame he or she is working with. The best musical works happened within the structural parameters of the scale, the form. A sculptor still is limited to the confines of the size of the marble or area to be sculpted.


When all parameters and restrictions are taken away, "freedom of expression" doesn't really happen anymore and it all becomes just a noisy mess, a kind of human anarchy. It is the same with a government, when laws are either not enforced or obeyed by all (government officials included), the system breaks down and anarchy takes over. If all religions were "true" therefore no real set of parameters or true guidelines, a myriad of disparate paths leading in all directions, there is a spiritual anarchy. There must be some kind of limitations or parameters to keep the spiritual structure standing straight and true. If the foundation of a house is built too small or large, the building itself would be in jeopardy of remaining; collapsing in all directions or caving in on itself.


Human society is no different. If you take away the structural foundation, the society will collapse. The result would be a societal anarchy and eventually the demise of the civilization. This effect can be seen in past empires that decayed and ended up imploding, collapsing or being overrun by an opponent which had a strong society. For tens of thousands of years, the simple and basic human family has been the core of human existence. This is comprised of a Father (male) and a Mother (female).


Without these two working together a family inherently doesn't exist. It's only in recent years that we have scientists and doctors playing their own version of Dr. Frankenstein with fancy techniques of reproduction and "creating life". These techniques though helpful to many who are inherently incapable of reproduction for a medical reason, should NOT cause a redefinition of the human family. These should be seen as helping to preserve the true human family, not destroy or "recreate" it in one avant-garde fashion or another. 

In relation to recent events and people's personal opinions, homosexuality goes directly against the concepts of the human family, thereby the basic foundation of human society itself. In the Bible this "lifestyle" is expressly forbidden as well as other actions considered totally immoral to God. These include various aspect of incest and bestiality.

Religiously speaking, the Bible speaks about and specifically describes what a family is and what marriage is. It explains that this is a reflection of Messiah's relationship between Himself and the human family of believers in Him.

When you go against God's Word, you are going against God Himself. Yes, it is conceptually true God hates the sin but loves the sinner, but this only lasts so long and God will require from the sinner an accounting of his or her actions.

For those who feel that religious people "hate" them because of their opposition to such a lifestyle, that is not the case. It is commanded to those who believe in God to speak out against those things they see people doing which will separate them from the love of God. If they don't speak out they will be held accountable as well for remaining silent and allowing the sinner to continue in their actions.


When the Supreme Court of the United States made its unconscionable decision, it has opened a door to a level of debauchery way beyond just a "gay" lifestyle. The pedophiles are already lining up for their day in court for legal approval. There are also those who have voiced their desire for legal standing to marry an immediate member of their family (incest).  There has also been some who want to marry their pet, whether canine, simian or some other species of animal. 

We all like sheep have gone astray. Each of us turned to his own way. (Isaiah 53:6 TLV)


Human society is now trying to paint its picture on an undefined frame; trying to carve its statue out of a stone too small. With each person playing their own music to their own key, scale, timing and rhythm all we will have, and do have already, is ear deafening, spirit and soul killing noise.


The noise is becoming so loud people can't hear that inner voice anymore. All anyone hears now is their own hearts desires. These desires of the heart is what leads people to do the most detestable and despicable things humanity is capable of sinking to.


Today we see men, women and children being murdered in any number of horrific ways simply because they may believe differently, wearing a skirt too short, laughing or kissing in public, children beheaded because they were born to a different religion or didn't praise fast enough to some concocted ideology. This is what happens when humanity is allowed to exist without a set of parameters, "instructions" on how to live properly together. The human mind needs confines to prevent it from straying so far away it gets lost. There can be no question that today so many have ostensibly lost their minds.

Since the formal approval of abortion, the evidence of the lack of respect for human life is glaring. Those who complain about the mass shootings should also consider the exponentially more deaths from an abortion clinic. Whether or not it is legal is an absurd argument. What if we made mass shootings legal, would it be ok then?  Of course not. So, just because abortion is legal does not mean it is right. 

Getting back to the topic of the human family. All of these issues comes down to the loss of the family, the family structure itself with a father, mother, and their children. We see so many families with only one parent, or divorced, separated, not by death, war or other similar reasons, but by self serving desire. People don't respect themselves, their parents, their family, their spouse, their children. Is it any wonder people are being murdered in the streets, babies being aborted by the thousands daily? 

It is all, the loss of the human family. We are all human, we are all the human family, we are all brothers and sisters in God. We should learn to act like such. Respect each other. 

A Rabbi once stated, God created the family so we would learn to associate and get along with those we would not normally choose to associate with.  This is a perfect description of the family. If we could get back to respecting our immediate family, maybe we could all get along better by respecting our extended family. 

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