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Machines Rule Us All

How many have noticed how deeply controlled we are by the modern computer world. Our phones, TVs, Bank Accounts, all of our accounts for that matter, Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, JC Penny, Exxon, Sunoco everything we do is governed by a computer. This commentary is typed on a computer. The pictures we take no longer have film but a computer chip. Music is digitized, computerized and synthesized. The images we see in magazines have been computer enhanced, altered and doctored.  We cannot escape how much the computer influences our lives, nor will any complaining have an effect. Everyone today must have a computer to survive; and not only a computer but access to the Internet. Some may get this "freely" but in the end it's not free and neither are we.


Modern society has lost its personal and collective freedom. We are enslaved to the machine we call the "Computer", the "microchip". There are some who claim the Bible speaks of implanting a microchip, but it's really not necessary, we're already controlled by it. We work longer and harder to get enough money to keep our master, "the computer" running, happy and fed. We care for it, treat it with loving care when it's sick, has a virus. We panic when our master is not feeling (running) well. As with the royalty of old, when they took their own time to help the masses, the people felt it and lamented just as they do today when the computer is running slow.

The pay received from those long hours go to parts, upgrades, improvement, health and maintenance of our Master, the Computer. It regularly and constantly demands it be fed, as with any well fattened despot, it eats constantly and relentlessly. We would never consider ceasing the continual supply of food (electricity) to our Master. It would cease to live and we, well we would be emotionally distraught, unable to enjoy that which it usually provides for us. And so we work, ready to come home to our Master, make sure it's feeling well, and is ready to supply us with conveniences and entertainments it provides. We feed our Master, the Microchip Machine. No, it doesn't stop there. While sitting at our Master the Computer, it's royal Harlequin sits in the background, ready to keep us massaged and entertained. Whether it's satellite, cable or streaming; digital or broadcast, our second inhuman mechanical ruler lures us all into a false state of ease, allowing its human minions to maintain control and subjugation to the Machines. People can choose its propaganda in a plethora of forms; information, fantasy, fiction and non-fiction (if that's really possible with this member of the
mechanical royal court).


It tells us regularly not to turn away, don't change the channel, "don't touch that dial"; even though dials have not been used on TVs for quite some time. Some may remember Frank Zappa's song "I am the Slime"; the portion of the lyrics "you will obey me while I lead you, eat the garbage that I feed you, don't go for help, no one will heed you. Your mind is totally controlled, it has been stuffed into my mold and you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold...." these lyrics are most fitting and pretty much everyone knows this, but, once controlled by the Masters of the Machine World it's hard to run away to a new world where one is not affected by it. This is especially true for anyone who has grown up under the thumb of the ruling class of Machines. As a result, we get up, go to work so we can feed the Machine its daily continual supply of electrons.


Now some may say machines have helped us; yes, this is true. However, at the same time, the machine enslaves its so called "owner", forcing them to care for and regularly feed their particular ruling machines. Farmers are able to plant and harvest an exponentially greater amount of food for humanity.

But this too comes with a price of caring for the planting machines, plows, tractors, harvesters and hauling trucks. They too must feed their machines. What has become worse is the use of human food to make food for the machines in the form of "Ethanol" from corn. Many people could be fed by the corn from those fields, but, the machines to which so many have become a slave to demand to be fed as well and some will go to any means to ensure that feeding.

Similar to the farmers are the people at large, the "general public". In a technological society, an industrial society, the machines are just as hungry; they too need to be fed. Our cars and trucks need constant care and feeding. So many will complain about the "big oil" companies but continue to use their oil based products, which oddly enough are machines! The plastics in computers as well as all other products are oil based. The cars, trucks, trains, planes, are all oil based machines. There are machines which drill for the oil, pump the oil, transport the oil, purify the oil then again transport the oil and gas to locations. These all must be fed or the Great Industrial Machine will cease to provide for us like some typical double tongued monarch and his royal court. Get up, go to work, feed the machine.

Some will decry "then we should use alternative energies, Solar, Wind..." and other ideas. But what is missed is, these too are machines which need to be manufactured by machines, all of which need oil to be built and operated. It's not just "oil" it's the entire conquest and control of modern society by machines. Those who protest the oil are doing so by using oil based machines. Get up, use a machine / clock, eat by using machines to prepare a meal e.g. refrigerator, stove/ microwave / toaster / mixer and so on. Get in your machine and go to work to earn enough money to feed your machines.

These are inanimate, inhuman "things", "devices" which control every aspect of our society and our lives. To some this may be seen as a necessary evil, to others meaningless and to some completely unacceptable. We each would have to decide where we fall in those.


A big complaint among some is the "Corporations" or "Corporate Machine". These are made up of people who, by simply accepting the modern culture and world are the human living minions of the Ruling Machines. Any real ruler needs an army, these people would be the army of the Royal Machines. They have their own hierarchy, CEO, CFO, Sales, Maintenance, "Customer Service" and so n. All kept in line by the need to feed their own machines. These are people who are just as subjugated to the machines as any of their detractors. Just as with those who protest the "Oil" with oil based machines, the detractors of the "Corporate Machines" are using oil based, Corporate made machines! And so the Royal Machines have not only conquered humanity but have gone so far as to pit man against man in the same way politicians do to keep people in check and under their dominance and control.

Within this community of "Corporate Machines" is what is commonly known as the "Military Industrial Machine"; this title refers to how the corporate entity itself is a type of human based machine centered on designing and building machines for the destruction of people as well as other military machines. The people in this inhuman hierarchy themselves too are in this case enslaved to the machines of war. There is the same result with this group as that of the other machines, the continual need to design and build newer, greater, smarter machines only with these there is also the need for far more deadly and destructive machines. Though deservedly maligned for its inherent nature, it is not much different in its control structure than of the other Machines and their corporate minions. This is not to impugn corporations themselves. Corporations are just people working together for a common goal within a legalistic business environment.

Many have said they would like to return to a simpler life. This would require removing themselves from the machine controlled "grid". Getting off the "grid" has become a popular cry by many. However, this is not as easy a task anymore. There are many local, state as well as Federal governments and agencies which are at times using force to prevent such an exodus from under the Machine controlled thumb. They all are interconnected by the current Grand Machine, the Computer.

In some areas local governments have noticed that some are not on the local "grid" and have taken to targeting these individuals to force them on the grid of the Machine society. It may be, when machines could not think they did not have the control of mankind as they do now. This would imply the Grand Computer has taken ruler ship, using the lesser machines to enforce its dominance. The film series "The Matrix" alludes to such a concept. Is such a conclusion to the relationship of man to machine a foregone conclusion? Maybe, maybe not, we still have the power to pull the plug and thus severing the electron umbilical cord. We must each decide where we want to stand in defiance of this inhuman ruler ship. How far do we each want to go to declare our freedom and individuality? Our "gadgets", "machines" are definitely helpful and have solved an innumerable amount of human conditions. The heart valves and implants as well as many other health machines have truly helped humanity to survive against its own frailty.

So we see machines are not inherently bad, they each serve their respective useful purposes. The question is, when does their usefulness go beyond their intended purposes and become our controlling masters and possible enemies? I'm not sure personally, maybe when it's time to go to work, feed the machines. I go back Monday morning.

Some very profoundly appropriate well known songs by some very well known performers. (if I were charging money I probably would not be able to post these due to copyright problems)

I am the Slime

Frank Zappa 

Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes Such as criticism, comment, I have no intention to violate the rights of the copyright owners or infringing these songs. 

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