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The Paradox Book Series

A paradox is a statement, opinion, or tenant that on its surface may appear contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet when researched further may prove to be true.

       This series of books are studies, theories, and concepts grounded in, and supported by Scripture; seeking to answer questions which remain unresolved.

       The primary focus is on studying the Word of God outside the usual vague and empty answers. The series dares to ask the hard questions, still unanswered.

      What was Adam and Eve's Original Sin? Can the Bible shed light on this question?

      Is it forbidden to combine stage magic with Scriptures?

      Can we find God in our leisure time activities?

     Is there actual Biblical and Archeological evidence of who Moses was in Egypt? What clues are written in the Bible?


Why all the confusion over the Trinity, dis-unity over aTriunity? Can anyone bring clarity to this concept?



The Sin Paradox

The case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent

Not a case for guilt or innocence, but if the evidence reveals what they did?

The Sin Paradox

Amicus Brief

The sequel to the Sin Paradox, the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. 

Amicus Brief Cover 11.jpg

Currently being re-edited and improved

See it, Believe it!

A Guide to teaching the Gospel in new ways

A Magical, Biblical Paradox

dino-reichmuth-d6yDSisNi4w-cover design.jpg

Finding God

Discovering God in Leisure Activities

A Leisure Time Paradox

Currently being re-edited and improved

greg-rakozy-oMpAz-DN-9I-unsplash cover draft 4.jpg

Currently being re-edited and improved

The Moses Paradox

Will the Real Pharaoh Please Stand Up?!

A search for the Egyptian identity of Moses

Still in the final stages.  

(I keep finding more evidence and information)

The Trinity Paradox

How much evidence is there?

This one's not quite finished yet,

still developing the information

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