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Entertainment Portfolio

I have been blessed with a variety of experiences in the entertainment industry

I appeared in two episodes of

ABC's 20/20. 

I've only been involved directly in one film production at this time. It was is an Indy film titled "Fear the Forest", with an interesting back story. 


I was in a few TV commercials.

I appeared in commercials for the March of Dimes Haunted House. Then later as a mad scientist in the commercials for Brigantine Castle and The Haunted Mansion of Long Branch. 

A life of Magic

From my youth I have always been interested in and have done magic. 


Assorted venues and stories

Scripts for live plays in different venues, 

Screen and teleplay scripts in a wide variety of genres

Teaching and speaking engagements

Speaking at a college, in a synagogue, a classroom setting, and hosting talent shows. Being in front of an audience seems to have been continuously in my life. 

Called in to assist with a variety of productions

Designing, building, running haunted houses, managing congregation events, film productions, special effects, sound, lighting, the list is almost endless.


Many faces over many years. 

I learned to do basic stage makeup in high school.  Later at the Haunted Mansion I began learning how to do the more complex horror and special effects make up

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