Theatrical Portfolio

Film, TV, Commercials, Magician, Stage, Playwright, Screenwriter, Make-Up Artist
My Portfolio
A variety of experiences in the entertainment industry

Each link will raise the curtain to more infomation about that part of me

  • Filmography

    Fear the Forest

  • Television

    Sadly, ABC 20/20, the videos for these segments have long been lost

  • Commercials

    Television commercials

  • Magician

    Fifty years of Stage, Parlor and Close up Magic

  • Playwright and Screen Writer

    Script writing for local plays as well as full length feature films, and TV pilots

  • Lecturer & Speaker

    Images and videos of past speaking engagements. Regretfully some predated modern digital video and are unabailable.

  • Creative Consultant

    Advisory role in professionald and semi-professional theatrical and film productions. Advice covered a variety of related skills and experience.

  • Make-up Artist

    Faces from the past

  • Stage Work

    I have always enjoyed theater work. Though I have been on stage in shows, all local venues, most of my work has been behind the scenes. Here is a short list of what I have been involved with over the years.