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These are live plays I have written and in some cases performed in.

Venues included a moving train, a synagogue.

Stories included a Western type robbery during the day and a Halloween haunting in the dark of night.

The Biblical story of Esther as seen from a variety of perspectives.

The Haunted Train

Performers were stalked on the train, rose out of a fabricated graveyard and mausoleum to terrorize the passengers.

The passengers experience the story first hand as the sheriff must come to rescue the captives and the gold, stolen from the train. In a final shoot out the damsel in distress is saved and the gold returned.

Gangsters commondeer a train in their ill fated attempt to escape justice.


The Story of Esther

Over the course of seven years we did this story. I wrote a new script each year.  Each play depicting the Biblical story of Esther from differing perspectives.

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