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Fear the Forest

A coincidental back story.

I was still working at the Scout Camp as the Camp Ranger. I get a call on the phone from someone over at the Stokes State Forest office. He said he was looking for a rustic cabin. All of the cabins in the state park were more modern. Being a Scout Camp, ours were definitely more rustic. He told me they were filming a movie. I asked what was it about, making sure it was not a subject matter not suitable for being filmed at a Boy Scout Camp. When I was told it was clean and the story was about Bigfoot, I asked if he needed a costume. The director, rather surprised by my question asked "you have a Bigfoot costume".  I responded, yes, with the tone of "doesn't everybody in the woods have one?" From there my roles in the production grew. I helped with housing, makeup, costume, assisting the director with the filming, writing and anything else I could. It was fun.  


Movie Trailers

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