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We have all become tired of the same old stories, the remakes, the lack of new ideas in Hollywood,

These are titles to my own completed, full length, feature film, screenplays and teleplays.

I made sure every story is unique and new. 

All screenplays are written solely by me,
and are registered with the WGA
(Writers Guild of America)


Whether horror, fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance, sci-fi, even faith based storylines, there is a new and original story to fit the genre. Some even have merchandising built in.

Contact me for the password for access to the details page. 

Supernatural, horror, suspense, thriller

       Fantasy, romance, adventure 

Horror, Supernatural

Faith based Sci-Fi,

Supernatural, Thriller

Mystery, romance

Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, 

Action - Adventure / SciFi


Fantasy, Adventure,

A short film project

Suspense, action thriller

For more information about each story, please contact me directly to see the synopsis or to get more information.

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