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Over 50 Years as a Magician

A life of magic, suspense, mystery and faith

When I first began performing magic a long time ago, I would start by explaining to the audience, magic is the ability to control nature by supernatural means. This set the stage for the mysterious feeling I wanted to plant in the audience. Since that time my style and focus has changed dramatically.


The Magic of Childhood

Where and how it began

I began doing magic when I was about eight years old. I had an old book called "Miracles, Ancient and Modern" which contained a number of magic tricks. I learned these, performing for my mother who was always so willing and proud to watch. I remember ordering my own set of TV Magic Cards (only to find out later it is an old trick called a Svengali Deck). With it, I got a marked deck, shaved deck, and similar trick decks of cards.

In my late teens I began taking private magic lessons and in my early twenties I worked with different professional magicians. I ran lighting for a variety of local magician’s conventions and performances. In the process I learned a great deal about the art of performance magic. I also found I prefer working backstage more than on stage. I provided and ran lighting for annual local Magic Conventions as well as for local magic shows. Though I love being backstage, I can still put on a good show of my own when called upon.


Magic Moving Forward

Teens and beyond

A Magical Return

Returning to my magic roots

After a down time, I returned to doing magic. I joined the local International Brotherhood of Magicians , Ring 123 and the Society of American Magicians. We tried to start a youth program but sadly today's youth are not interested in magic outside of movies and internet.

I became focused on serving the Lord by retooling my magic, using these techniques for teaching the Gospels. I attended a Bible College and became an ordained minister. My shows now consist of lessons of faith and Scripture with visual aides. They are literlly Visual Parables.

Since then I have completed a number of books on faith, one in particular is a how-to book on

Teaching the Gospels with magic.

See it, Believe it

A Guide to Teaching the Gospel in New Ways


Magic at this Moment

Current Magic
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