We have all become tired of the same old stories, the remakes, the lack of new ideas in Hollywood,

These are titles to my own completed, full length, feature film, screenplays and teleplays.

I made sure every story is unique and new. 

All screenplays are written solely by me,
and are registered with the WGA
(Writers Guild of America)


Whether horror, fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance, sci-fi, even faith based storylines, there is a new and original story to fit the genre. Some even have merchandising built in.

Supernatural, horror, suspense, thriller

A young public defender becomes suspicious when her clients begin turning up dead.

Fantasy, romance, adventure 
Straight out of Middle Earth as a lone figure is seen walking through the forest, the face and form hidden in a hooded,  green cloak. What happens when Tolkein walks into the 21st Century?


Horror, Supernatural

A dybbuk is a term for a spiritual entity, demon or as a disembodied human spirit that wanders restlessly until it finds a haven in the body of a living person.

A small seemingly innocent jar, until opened, no one can ever know who or what, is trapped inside.

Are you willing to break the seal and find out?


Faith based Sci-Fi,

A physics experiment works too well when a scientist takes a team of students on an international trip through time.

When they finally make it back, no one is the same.

Supernatural, Thriller
A sad and lonely camper is comforted by a camp counselor. The problem is the counselor has been dead for over a year.

Mystery, romance

After his recently estranged wife threatens retribution, a married man's trysts begin turning up dead

Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, 

Aided through an online image. A young coed goes missing, only to turn up on a hacked webpage for sex slaves.

Action - Adventure / SciFi

When a top secret project test goes awry American military officers find themselves in the middle of WW2 Germany, with enough knowledge that they are a danger to both sides if caught, is anywhere safe?


A team preparing to turn an abandoned prison into a museum discovers the prison is not completely empty of those once sentenced there.

Fantasy, Adventure,

A completely new approach to entertainment! A streaming entertainment, series! A concept where the viewing audience has the abiility to participate in the ongoing story!

A short film project

Suspense, action thriller

Do you feel the government is watching you?  How far will the government go to keep an eye on its people?

For more information about each story, please contact me directly to see the synopsis or to get more information.