Skills and Hobbies

Here are all the other skills and hobbies I have acquired and enjoy.
Hobbies and activities I enjoy
These are the freetime skills and hobbies I enjoy the most. There's just not enough free time.

My favorite free time is spent sailing on the open water, cooking for family or large groups, and archery or rifle and pistol shooting. My love for theater and magic can be seen in the other pages. All my free time now is devoted to writing and Bible study. The Summer is the only time I get to enjoy those other activities.

  • Sailing

    Catamaran sailing and racing has been a passion for over 50 years. I grew up on boats and sailing. I love the open water and the quiet power of the wind.

  • Cooking

    I developed food service skills from being a line cook at a local Italian Restaurant, and helping in the camp dining hall where we feed up to 300 Scouts and Leaders three times a day. I also help cooking and preparing the food at our congregation's events.

  • Camping

    I have been camping all my life with the Boy Scouts. I do not do it as much now, but I still enjoy the outdoors. I also led the Beth Zion Synagogue annual Sukkoth campout for a few years. Only an overnight, but kept the fire burning.

  • A man behind a camera filming.

    I enjoy archery with Compound Bows, Recurve Bows, and Cross bows. Ever since I was a young boy with a target in my yard I have greatly enjoyed archery. I still have my first recurve bow I saved up nickles and dimes for.

  • A pistol with a scope.

    I also love to participate in firearm target shooting with pistols or rifles. Shooting sports has always been an enjoyable past time. All is done legally and under very strict controls. I take this hobby and the necessary safety required very seriously.