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My favorite hobbies and skills

These are the freetime skills and hobbies I enjoy the most. There's just not enough free time.

My favorite free time is spent sailing on the open water, cooking for family or large groups, and archery or rifle and pistol shooting. My love for theater and magic can be seen in the other pages. All my free time now is devoted to writing and Bible study. The Summer is the only time I get to enjoy those other activities.


Of all the activities, sailing is definitely my favorite. I've been sailing all my life. My boat I've had since 1975 and we've been through calm and rough seas together. 


Ever since I was a young boy I enjoyed the sport of Archery. 


I learned to cook from my mother. I progressed from there.

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30+ years in the Boy Scouts. Camping outdoors has always been an enjoyment. 

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Shooting Sports

Love shooting sports, not to be taken lightly. All done under strict supervision and in a safe environment. 

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