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On the Positive Side, here are reviews and critical comments my screenplays have received. 

Critic's Review

First, about the reviewer:
DS is an award winning author and has been a professional screenwriter since 1999. He has worked for studios such as Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Intermedia, Gold Circle and After Dark Films. He has also represented the management firm Circle of Confusion at numerous screenwriting conferences and pitch-fests, where he has listened to hundreds of pitches and read countless screenplays in search of new writing talent. DS has served as a Judge for the PAGE Awards competition since 2009.

His Comments



A thriller/horror story about a defense attorney and a prosecutor who stumble upon a conspiracy in the justice system involving supernatural forces.

The premise is great, I really like the premise for this movie. I love this premise and would love to see a horror movie like this. Very strong.



...very natural sounding and often snappy dialogue.

The dialogue was often sharp and right to the point.   

...your dialogue seems to fit each character,



the pacing of this screenplay was solid. You do a decent job of keeping the story moving. For the most part your scenes are never too long.



descriptions were clear, and all the geography and actions easily understood. The style of your screenwriting is pretty standard, the read was smooth.



Another very strong element of your screenplay are the classic themes that track

through your entire story. Justice, morality, secrets, family legacy, and more.

Your screenplay is nicely underscored by these relatable themes that add depth and

greater impact to your story.  It touches on some very relatable and topical themes. A very strong work.


Your character work is pretty solid. I could visualize everyone.

This is worth pursuing – keep going!

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