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A Family Tradition

This love for cooking I have passed on to all my children who have exceded my expectations

My love for cooking came from my mother who taught me to cook. I would help her in the kitchen any time I could. You could also say my predelection for cooking also came through my father, as his father owned a bakery in New York City and in Long Branch NJ, until the 1929 Depression took it all away. Though I never saw or experienced any of the baked goods, this influence was passed on to me. 


I worked in a local Italian Restaurant for a few years. Then a number of years later I worked as a Camp Ranger for the Boy Scouts. With my knowledge of food service I assisted in the Dining Hall where we would potentially seat from one to over three-hundred people, three times a day. 

When I married Teri, I did all the cooking for our wedding consisting of chicken, ribs, and London Broil with salads and fresh vegetables. 

For a few years a synagogue we belonged to held an overnight campout for Sukkoth, also known as Tabernacles. I was in charge of this event leading the activities and doing all the cooking for dinner and breakfast the next morning. We'd have fresh salad, roasted potatoes-peppers & onions, and London Broil on the grill.

Breakfast consisted of, scrambled eggs, beef bacon (no pork!!), turkey sausage, waffles, orange juice, bagels, cream cheese, and of course coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

It was quite a feast!

If I could, I would enroll in a culinary school, though time and responsibilities at this late time in life tend to prevent that.

Me at KMSR Boy Scout Camp







Here are the pages of my "home cooked" menu. If my home were a restaurant these items would surely be regular specials if not on the main menu. 

  (Currently still creating these pages)

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