Good food, good life!

Over the years I developed food service skills from being a line cook at a local Italian Restaurant, to helping in the camp dining hall where we feed up to 300 Scouts and Leaders three times a day. I also help cooking and preparing the food at our congregation's events.

A Family Tradition

This love for cooking I have passed on to all my children who have exceded my expectations

If my home were a restaurant these items would surely be regular specials if not on the main menu. My love for cooking came from my mother who taught me to cook. I would help her in the kitchen any time I could. If I could, I would enroll in a culinary school, though time and responsibilities at this late time in life tend to prevent that. The image is me when I helped in the kitchen at KMSR during my Boy Scout Camp Ranger days. (Other pictures and images will be added to this
section as I make the dishes and photograph them). I've cooked for my wife and myself as well as part of a team for as many as 300 at a sitting. The challenge which created these pages, was to come up with a list of the different dishes I've
been known to prepare. These are not the only ones I know, but are the most often made. I know there are more which I haven't made in a while, they will be added to the lists accordingly (as I remember them!) Thank you for your interest.
Here are the pages of my "home cooked" menu

Recipes I prefer


Fantastic comfort food!

Tomatoes, Onions, Celery, Peppers, Garlic = Creole

Just need to add a preference, lamb, chicken, beef, shrimp etc.

(My preference and suggestion is Lamb)

Roast Rack of Lamb

I love the taset of roasted lamb. Slow roasted rack of lamb seasoned by coating lightly with spicy brown mustard, then with ssalt, pepper and rosemary. I do not add in mint jelly, (never was a big fan of that combination.) 

Broiled Lamb Chops

Outside on the grill

Marinate in simple Italian salad dressing, Only additional seasoning is salt, pepper and garlic. The meat doesn't need any more than that. So flavorful!

Skills & Hobbies