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As long as I can remember I was doing archery. I would set 3 bails of hay in my front yard, attach a target and spend the afternoon shooting the arrows. 

I used a very cheap plastic bow for a number of years as I slowly saved up enough money to buy a really nice Bear recurve. I still have that bow to this day. 

I have added to my archery items. There are a few Compound Bows, A large crossbow and a couple of smaller handheld pistol like crossbows. 

All in all, I love archery. 

                One Day I was dusting off my archery skills and finding there was more dust than expected.  The target was set and 100 feet marked off.  The bow was drawn and the first shot went over the target, much to my surprise.  The next hit off to one side, another low, another the stand and so on.  Most of the arrows arrived at the target though not in the bulls eye.  Some, a few, actually missed the target completely much to my dismay.  As I was retrieving the arrows I decided to move the shooting line closer to the target.  I still did not land any in the bulls eye this round but, none of the arrows completely missed the target.  It was then I remembered some of the Hebrew I've learned of recent years. 

                The word "Torah" comes from the root "yarah" meaning to "hit the mark".  It is basically an archery based metaphor.  When you hit the target you are hitting the "mark", it is in essence "torah" / "yarah".  But when you miss the mark the word "sin" would be declared.  Sin is missing the mark.  So some of my attempts were "sin"-ful so to speak.  However, I had come up with a solution and this is what inspired this short commentary. 

                As I mentioned, I moved the firing line closer to the target.  By moving closer to the target my chance for "sin" diminished.  If you want to decrease the chance for "sin" in your life, move closer to your target.  Make Yeshua YOUR target, move closer to Yeshua, you'll have a better chance of "hitting the mark" and less of a chance for "sin".

                Much can be learned from day to day activities like archery.  More of these to come. 

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