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See it, Believe it!

A guide to teaching the Gospel in new ways. 

As Biblical, Magical Paradox

The Fourth Book in the Faithbased Paradox Series

The gospel magic book 'See It, Believe It' comes from the creative ministry of D. B. Evans

This original 248 page book contains 20 scripted gospel magic lessons and 7 chapters on stage magic techniques covering:

  • Showmanship

  • Staging

  • Design

  • Music

  • Theatre Tech

  • Costumes

  • Planning and Structuring Your Show

dino-reichmuth-d6yDSisNi4w-cover design.jpg

What you will discover inside.

'See It, Believe It,' is Donald's in-depth teaching guide to using gospel magic. It introduces beginners to the professional secrets of stagecraft and provides seasoned performers with fresh material and professional tips and tricks. Donald explains that

'This is more than just a how-to book. It's an in-depth guide to teaching the scriptures using the skills of a stage magician. It aims to inspire and encourage you to preach the Good News through your God-given skills and talents. You may rarely know who you have touched and inspired.' 

The perfect guide for gospel magicians, ministers and church and youth workers wishing to share the good news with popular magic props.

Comes with some of my own original scripted presentations for the following gospel magic lessons:

  • Free From The Bondage of Sin - Shanghai Shackles

  • Our Sins Are Washed Away - Change Bag 

  • The Trinity - A Glass Prism 

  • The Recipe for Salvation - Dove Pan

  • Don't Get Distracted - Sword Through the Head

  • Solomon's Wise Decision - Sawing a person in half

  • The Woman at the Well - Lota Bowl 

  • Elijah & the Widow - Blessing Bowls

  • The Christian Faith & the America Consitution - Mis-Made Flag 

  • God Builds a Nation - Square Circle Production 

  • The Trinity - Linking Ropes

  • Prayer - Cut and Restored Rope

  • The Messiah - Cut and Restored Rope

  • Marriage - Cut and Restored Rope

  • Parable of the Workers - Professor's Nightmare 

  • The Story of Esther

  • Variation #1 Phanto-Tube 

  • Variation #2 20th Century Silks 

  • Variation #3 Color Changing Silks 

  • Standing Firm in Your Faith - Thumb Tip Chameleon Silks

  • Jesus' burial and Resurrection - A,B,C, Blocks 

  • Trust and Faith - Guillotine / Arm Chopper 

  • Guided into all Truth - Chinese Sticks

  • The Story of Ester - Bonus object lesson

Available in hard copy on Amazon and as an eBook on Amazon and on

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