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Additional Theatrical Work

Writer, Director, Theater Technician, Creative Consultant

Live Theater Has Many Jobs

Here is a general list of the jobs I have filled in a live theater venue.

Theater Technician

Theater technology may involve lighting, sound, set design and construction and a host of other duties behind the scenes.

Lighting Director for local community theater group.

Productions included:

“To Whom it May Concern”,    (St. James Players)

Musical Theater Review”,     (Deal Sephardic Youth Center Players)

“Picnic”.     (St. James Players)


In another venue, Lighting Director for the original musical:

Angel or Devil”    (King of Kings Church Players)

Garden State Magicalle.

These were annual magicians' conventions attended by sometimes hundreds of professional and amateur magicians as well as those who just like to see Magic

At these I worked with a wide variety of performers doing the lighting and back stage work for a number of different magic acts. These included lighting and sound for a number of independent magicians at local theaters.

Sound for the Amazing Kreskin (Monmouth University)

Assisted the Amazing Randi, Expose on Uri Geller as an audience plant. 



Live Performances, a lot of this category has been covered elsewhere. Included here are some of the live performances I have been involved in.

I have performed in productions in front of live audiences, in a movie, and in commercials. These included:

Original plays for Purim,

a Western Train Robbery,

a Haunted Train,

Lectured on Haunted House attractions

Hosted local Talent Shows

Performed as a Magician and as a Gospel Magician

Hosting Scouting Campfires for Adult Training seminars called Wood Badge

The role of Kyle, in the film Fear the Forest. (Primary antagonist) 

Commercial for the March of Dimes, Haunted House fundraiser

Commercial for The Haunted Mansion of Long Branch

Commercial for Brigantine Castle, haunted house attraction

ABC 20/20 segment for Adventure Games

ABC 20/20 segment for Children's Nightmares

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