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Finding God, 

Discovering His presence in our leisure activities. 

A Leisure Time Paradox.

God is in everything, all we have to do is look and listen. 

Finding God, a Leisure Time Paradox

We all have activities we enjoy away from our work and daily lives. Are God's teachings hidden in these activities? Find out how, where, and what is being taught in our times of relaxation.

The Fourth Book in the Faithbased Paradox Series

The book contains an assortment of common leisure time activities many people enjoy regulary. 

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What you will discover inside.

How to include the Lord in your leisure times and strengthen your faith. 

It is a simple process! The perfect guide for wishing to experience God in those times we usually forget to include Him. Once the simple method is understood, it can be adapted to any activity. 

Over 14 activities and hobbies with Bible lessons, connections and verses!

Plus how to adapt the process to your own individual hobbies and leisure time activities.

Now you can learn to enjoy them in the presence of the Lord!

Chapters include
  • Archery

  • · Sailing

  • · Camping 1

  • · Camping 2

  • · Hiking

  • · Astronomy

  • · Music

  • · The Home

  • · Gardening

  • · Tennis Sports

  • · Stamps and More

  • · Fishing

  • · Writing

  • · Theater

  • · Work

  • · The Dark Side

Finding God, 

A Leisure Time Paradox

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