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Mission Statement

     This site is too provide an outlet for my completed, inspirational, informative, thought provoking, and entertaining well written books, screenplays, theatrical plays, essays, and commentaries. With faith in God and in His Son, Yeshua ha Moshiach,  (Jesus the Christ) I strive to use my God given talents as best I can.

     This may be as a writer, in the form of writings, books, essays, or screenplays. It may also be as a performer, magician, speaker, or teacher. 

     The writings may be in a variety of genres and subjects. In some cases, as with the screenplays, genres may be combined as in a faith-based-science fiction story.

   Also offered are different and entertaining ways to spread the Gospel and teach Biblical truths.

    Please take a little time and browse through the pages. Hopefully you will be inspired by what is offered.

                         Thank you for your time and interest

                            Be well and blessed in His Name



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