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     What is contained in this Amicus Brief?

     Additional facts about the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent are submitted.

These include

​     * More detail on aspects of the case already raised.

      * New information in the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent

      * The information is then further developed and finally sent to you, the Jury for review

The Sin Paradox, Amicus Brief

  • An amicus brief or amicus curiae is a legal document submitted by someone not directly connected to a case. It is presented as a "friend of the court" or amicus curiae, commonly referred to as an amicus brief.

    The second in the Paradox series,

    The Amicus Brief answers a number of questions and challenges which have risen in response to the original book “The Sin Paradox; the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent" The Amicus Brief addresses and clarifies the points and aspects of the original case as well as introduce new evidence. It will also address alternate theories which have been presented elsewhere. Detailing where they fall short on a number of Biblical and scientific levels.

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