Writings from DB Evans,
Jamaer Ministries

Links to my various and very ecclectic writings.
My writings
Different writings on a variety of subjects

Some books, essays, commentaries and even potential screen and tele-plays.

  • The Paradox Series
    A series of faith based books written to inform, inspire, instruct and especially challenge those who seek deeper understandings of the Scriptures.

    Topics include mankind's Original Sin, new ways of teaching the Gospels, seeking God in all we do, a better explanation of what some call a Trinity are covered in depth,

  • Essays and Commentaries
    Some short writings covering observations and thoughts on different topics.

    Presented are essays on different topics which may include religion, politics, geo-politics, faith, and Scriptures. This section may change from time to time as they develop into larger works for publication.

  • Screenplays
    A diverse selection of stories and genres.

    All are completed stories, some with the potential for sequels as well as for a series. They include, Horror, Supernatural, Adventure, Love, Mystery, Science Fiction, Religious Sci-fi,

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