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Here are a number of my

studies on the Bible and

 current issues.


            These are essays, commentaries and Inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  There will be opinions, and definite points of contention.  This is normal considering the subject matter.  What I ask is only to consider and think about what is being said; let the Holy Spirit move within you, the reader.
          These discussions will include essays, a story, some dreams, thoughts and interesting observances.  So for a little while, instead of standing with your feet rigidly planted like a tree with roots embedded in the ground; loosen them up a bit and step back to see a larger overall picture of things.  Look at context, history, humanity as it is and has been.  A person can always return and step again into the same foot space, or they may end up stepping forward into a completely different place. 
          As in a wide range of thoughts and beliefs, one must ask themselves if they are defending a belief or seeking truth.  The hardest part for most is disconnecting the ego from the belief structure; as if coming to a new conclusion is a bad thing or through the changing of one’s mind a fear of being ostracized in any one of a number of ways.  We thereby end up defending a mistaken belief we have entrenched ourselves in, when in fact all we’re doing is defending our egos.  So I ask, please open your mind and heart to what is discussed through these pages.
I thank you for your time, patience and interest. 
I hope you enjoy the read.
Donald B. Evans
Will the Real Pharaoh Please Stand Up? 
A thesis paper on the identity of the pharaoh at the time of the Exodus and the Egyptian identity of Moses.