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These were limited to two ABC, 20/20 segments, one regional commercial and one local commercial. Sadly, the actual videos for the ABC segments and local commersial have long since been lost. However, I keep trying to find a copy of at least one of them somewhere!

  • hooded skull.jfif
    ABC 20/20 Children's Nightmares

    I played a series of masked monsters. One was climbing in through a window, the second, a hooded skull as seen in the picture was chasing a child down a street. The final image of the segment was of John...

  • crossbow.jpg
    Adventure Games

    We filmed this inside the Haunted Mansion. It depicted a group of players around a table playing an Role Playing Adventure Game, like Dungeons and Dragons, then cut away as the same people with medieval we...

  • devil face.png
    Haunted House

    Appeared as the devil on local TV stations promoting the March of Dime Haunted House.

  • Commercials

    These are the only commericals which apparently still exist. I can be seen as the doctor in with the headless woman.