The Judiciary

Supernatural, horror, suspense, thriller!
The Judiciary
Supernatural, horror, suspense, thriller

  • A personal message about the story

    This story contains demonic creatures who exact justice.  This is a stand alone story, though written with the ability to have sequels or become a continually relevant platform of episodes, addressing current events.  Think of "Criminal Minds" meets "The Conjuring" or "Curse of the Demon".  Along with the relationship which develops, the story creates a variety of catharsis moments through revenge to balance the horror of the supernatural. 

  • Logline

    A Public Defender is forced to enlist the help of a Prosecutor after a number of her clients begin to turn up brutally murdered. Their alliance soon turns into a relationship as they discover someone is summoning malevolent entities to carry out a darker form of justice.

  • Synopsis

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  • A black and white rendering of a gavel.
    The heavy hammer of
    The Judiciary

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