Summer Camp

Summer Camp, Secret
Background and details

I bring my 30+ years of experience in Scouting as a youth, adult leader and employee. Ten of those years I worked and lived on a forest campground of over 500 acres as a Camp Ranger.

Many years before I managed a three story, 33 room horror attraction on the Jersey Shore.

I combined those years of experience with my many years of experience in and love for horror, I was able to conceive this story and develop into a screenplay.

All of my training and experience was brought into its development.

  • Personal Message

    This story brings back many memories of camping, living and working at campgrounds. There are different messages contained within the story and action. Included is a response to child abuse.

  • Logline

    Vicki loves being a Summer camp counselor; even though she has been dead for over a year. Now she haunts the campground watching over the camp, the campers and those who she once loved in life.

  • Synopsis

    Available upon request

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