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Other Skills and Interests


Over 50 years experience in small boat sailing & racing;

mono-hulls and Catamarans, especially catamarans!   


13 years experience in Cooking for Restaurant and Food service,  

Firearms, safety, use

and handling


Archery; safety, use and handling of compound

bows, re-curve bows and crossbows

Leadership training

Team building, training and development,

Event Planning

Outdoor camping, pioneering and survival skills

Home construction, carpentry, Frame to finish.
Fireplace installations

Heavy Machine operator:



     Back hoe - Front End Loader



Vacation in Miami 1977, sailing on Biscayne Bay.

It was a formal affair; white tie and tails required. 

There is nothing like being alone with the Lord's creation; wind, water and all you have is your small boat and a sail.  One can feel the Lord's presence in the wind and in the majesty of His seas.