The Paradox Series

The Paradox Series are faith based books to inform, inspire and strengthen one's faith and ministry.
What is a paradox?

A paradox can be explained as a statement, opinion, or tenant that on its surface may appear contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet when researched further may prove to be true.

The Paradox Series
These are just the beginnings of the on going series

We are a faith based seeking to enlighten, challenge, inspire, inform all who are seeking answers and spiritual strength. Our mission is to help anyone interested in leading a spiritually enriched life. We focus on teaching the Word of God in new and unique ways; with new insights outside the usual vague and empty answers.

  • The Sin Paradox
    the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent

    What actually happened in the Garden of Eden? Discover the answer to a five-thousand-year-old Bible mystery.  Learn the actual events in the Garden of Eden.

  • The Sin Paradox;
    an Amicus Brief

    Almost Ready!

    The Amicus Brief will address and clarify the points and aspects of the original case as well as introduce new evidence, and address alternate theories.

  • The Gospel Magic Paradox
    Almost done and coming soon! Teaching the Gospel with Magic

    There are many ways to teach the Gospel. Here is a fun and unique way using the techinques and skills of a stage magician to share the Good News.

  • The Trinity Paradox
    Coming along, hope to be out soon!
    Understanding the Three

    Not yet completed, but in the works, a better explanation of what some call "The Trinity".

  • The Recreation Paradox
    It's not ready yet, but is coming along, watch for it!
    God's presence in our personal lives

    We all have activities we enjoy away from our work and daily lives. Are God's teachings hidden in these activities? Find out how, where and what is being taught in our times of relaxation.

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