The Paradox Series

Faith based books to inform, inspire and strengthen one's faith and ministry.
A paradox is a statement, opinion, or tenant that on its surface may appear contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet when researched further may prove to be true.

The Paradox Series
Studies grounded in and supported by Scripture seeking to answer questions which remain unresolved.

The primary focus is on teaching the Word of God in new and unique ways; including new insights outside the usual vague and empty answers. Daring to ask the hard questions, still unanswered.

What was Adam and Eve's Original Sin? Can the Bible shed light on this question?

Is there actual Biblical and Archeological evidence of who Moses was in Egypt? What clues are written in the Bible?

Is it forbidden to combine stage magic with Scriptures?

Can we find God in our leisure time activities?

  • The Sin Paradox
    the case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent

    What actually happened in the Garden of Eden?

    Discover the answer to a five-thousand-year-old Bible mystery.  Learn the actual events in the Garden of Eden.

    Read the evidence and judge for yourself!

  • The Sin Paradox;
    Amicus Brief

    The Amicus Brief answers questions, clarifies points, and aspects of the original case as well as introduce new evidence.

    The Amicus Brief also addresses alternate theories and their short comings.

    The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive!

  • See it,
    Believe it!
    A guide to teaching the Bible and Gospels in new ways!

    There are many ways to teach the Gospel. Here are a number of fun and unique techinques and skills to help share the Good News.

  • Finding God
    A Leisure Time Paradox

    We all have activities we enjoy away from our work and daily lives. Are God's teachings hidden in these activities? Find out how, where, and what is being taught in our times of relaxation.

  • Coming Soon!
    Will the Real Pharaoh Please Stand Up?
    The Moses Paradox

    The evidence is overwhelming!

    Discover not only the Pharaoh of the Exodus. But also the identity of the Egyptian we call Moses.

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