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What if Adam, Eve, death, murder, debt, wars, even the last days of Jesus were all part of a pattern?

Have you ever asked why God did something a certain way?  

Here are just some of the questions asked and answered!

Ø What did Adam and Eve do?

Ø What kind of fruit was it?

Ø Why did Satan take the form of a serpent?

Ø Why did Satan do it?

Ø Why did Jesus have to die?

Ø Why did He have to die the way He did?

Ø Why did the last days of Jesus's life play out the way they did?

Ø How does the sinful act of Adam and Eve permeate all of subsequent human existence and actions such as wars, debt, greed and all the other sins mankind experiences?

Ø Could the sin committed in Eden still be happening today?


What if all these questions could be answered within a common Biblical thread?

Well, I asked God these very questions, then late one night the answer came in a 

whispered word.