My Magical History

The Magic in my Life
Over 50 years of magic!
A life of magic, suspense, mystery and faith

When I first began performing magic a long time ago, I would start by explaining to the audience, magic is the ability to control nature by supernatural means. This set the stage for the mysterious feeling I wanted to plant in the audience. Since that time my style and focus has changed dramatically.

  • The Magic of Childhood
    Where and how it began

    I began doing magic when I was about eight years old. I had an old book called "Miracles, Ancient and Modern" which contained a number of magic tricks. I learned these, performing for my mother who was always so willing and proud to watch. I remember ordering my own set of TV Magic Cards (only to find out later it is an old trick called a Svengali Deck). With it, I got a marked deck, shaved deck, and similar trick decks of cards.

  • Magic Moving Forward
    Teens and beyond

    In my late teens I began taking private magic lessons and in my early twenties I worked with different professional magicians. I ran lighting for a variety of local magician’s conventions and performances. In the process I learned a great deal about the art of performance magic. I also found I prefer working backstage more than on stage. I provided and ran lighting for annual local Magic Conventions as well as for local magic shows. Though I love being backstage, I can still put on a good show of my own when called upon.

  • A Magical Return
    Returning to my magic roots

    After a down time, I returned to doing magic. I joined the local International Brotherhood of Magicians , Ring 123 and the Society of American Magicians. We tried to start a youth program but sadly today's youth is not interested in magic outside of movies and internet.

    I became focused on serving the Lord by retooling my magic, using these techniques for teaching the Gospels. I attended a Bible College and became an ordained minister. My shows now consist of lessons of faith and Scripture with visual aides. They are literlly Visual Parables.

  • Magic of this moment
    Current Magic

    Since then I have completed a number of books on faith, one in particular is a how-to book on Teaching the Gospels with magic.

    See it, Believe it!

    A guide for teaching the Gospels in New Ways.

See it, Believe it!
A guide to teaching the Bible and the Gospels in new ways!

An informative study on magic in the Bible and how to use the skills and techniques of a stage magician to teach valuable lessons on faith, Scriptures, and the Gospels!

  • Bible lessons and parables come to life with these methods!
    Learn how to prepare a full presentation and reach audiences of all ages and denominations.

    The Fountain of Living Waters, Water to Wine, Making the Right Decisions, Solomon's Wisdom, The Empty Tomb, God's Recipie for Salvation and many more teachings are outlined and explained.

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