Speaking engagements and lectures

A history of speaking on a variety of topics
Commentary from my ecclectic background,
An assortment of engagements

Magic, Faith, Horror, Scriptures, History, Sailing and all those elements of my experience have been subjects of speaking and lectures.

  • Brookdale Community College
    Guest Speaker on the subject of horror and horror attractions as amusements.

    My first experience was in my neighbor's basement for a Halloween entertainment. I was young and it made an impression. After that I began building them in my neighbor's basement for Halloween, then several in my own basement. I moved on to my church youth group designing and building for the annual party. Then the March of Dimes was building one in a local mall. My experience elevated my to director's assistant where I ended up running two annual events in Monmouth Mall. Later they moved to having one in Seaview Square Mall where I became director of the event.
    The Haunted Mansion of Long Branch and Brigantine Castle brought it to a whole different level. With all this knowledge and experience I was asked to be a guest speaker at Brookdale College on the subject of horro and horror amusments.

  • Beth Zion, Messianic Synagogue
    The Book of Esther

    For years I have studied and spoken on the book of Esther, historically, theologically and prophetically. One of which is pictured above.

  • Beth Zion, Messianic Synagogue
    Meaning of the Torah

    Beth Men's Club teaching on the meaning of the word Torah and it's implications.

  • Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue
    Talent Show

    Hosting and performing in the Beth Zion Talent Show.