The Book of Esther

Celebrating Purim
The Scroll of Esther, the whole Magilla
The story which started the Jewish celebration of Purim. as told in a variety of perspectives and ways. A different script each year for six years.

Purim came alive each year as the story was told in a new and unique way.

Regretfully only a few images and videos remain.

These are some of my favorites.

  • The first in the series.
    A large cast of all ages.

    The performers acted out their parts in silence as a Bubbie Esther reads the story to her grand children.

  • King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther tell the story of their meeting and life together.
    Married for years they have a lot to tell.

    The story of their relationship from beginning to end lays out the saga of Esther and the foundations of Purim. From the time they met to the end, their story is told.

  • Esther in bullet points
    Esther done in a quick monologue

    Limited to five minutes, the entire ten chapters of the story of Esther is explained in rapid pictographs.

  • The Town Crier announces Purim
    A slightly confused Town Crier announces Purim, the Story of Esther

    Interruptions and confusion plagues the town crier with his announcement of the events leading up to Purim

  • A Royal Interview
    Interview with the King of Persia

    The King of Persia tells the story of him and Queen Esther.

    (due to the nature of Youtube and public videos, images of the other performers needed to be redacted. )

  • img_9208.jpg
    Esther's Lament
    The night before she confronts potential death.

    Esther had to take the chance and go before the king without prior permission. This play, a soliloquy, depicts the hours before hand as the queen reflects on what she is about to do for the sake of her people.