Dybbuk Jars (Horror, Supernatural)
A supernatural, horror story with merchandising potential.

Dybbuk, a disembodied human spirit that wanders restlessly until it finds a haven in the body of a living person

  • A personal message about the story

    This has an ensemble cast which becomes separated to their own homes.  It is reminiscent of my experience running a massive Haunted House attraction.  There are different types of entities which plague the cast.  Some seem benign, others the exact opposite, malevolent, and malicious.  The entities are ghostly and potentially demonic.  Sequels, TV, or streaming episodes can easily be developed if so desired.  

    Similar jars can easily be manufactured and sold for a merchandising aspect.  

  • Logline

    Randy and Anna purchase small porcelain jars as Halloween party favors.  Each has
    this note "Contains 1 or more spirits, to release the spirit inside, break seal and open lid".  After the party some of the jars are opened, releasing the spirits inside.  The battle now, how to get them back in the jars.

  • Synopsis

    Available upon request

  • A Dybbuk Jar.
    A seemingly innocent jar
    The attached lable reads:

    Contains 1 or more spirits; to release the spirit inside, break seal and open lid.

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