Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

  • A personal message about the story

    The story is based loosely on the concepts of JRR Tolkien. However, it does not take place in the Tolkien world. Nor does it have the massive armies, wars, and special effects and creatures as in the LOTR series. In fact, quite the opposite; it takes place in modern America. There is no phantasmal magic, or high special effects involved. The magic is limited and grounded in possible reality. This story is both dramatic and whimsical with elements of romance. There are comic moments throughout though it is not a comedy. It does have the ability to transfer to a series or feature length sequels.

  • Logline

    A 20-year-old girl hides her true identity, that of a Middle-Earth Elf venturing into the modern world for a technology her people need to defend themselves. When authorities discover her out of place presence, she frantically struggles to escape back to the safety of her world inside Middle Earth.

  • An image of a Tolkein elf.
    A Tolkein Elf in the 21st Century

    image by andre cuervo,

  • Synopsis

    On a visually perfect day in a mountain range somewhere along the US Canadian border; using scenic long shots focusing slowly down on a lone person walking along a not so well beaten trail. The figure is cautiously crossing broken border markings and dilapidated fencing. The lone walker travels apparently downward from the upper parts of the range. It appears the person is not dressed warm enough for the temperatures. From a snowcapped mountain, downward past glacier lakes, through tall forests leading into thicker and more dense terrain, the gentle shape is paid no mind by the local wildlife.

    Drawing closer to the image, the person appears to be a young woman of about 20; wearing a cloak with a hood covering or shadowing most of her head and face, wearing tall suede style moccasin boots. The figure travels smoothly and quietly through the various natural settings. Pausing, she sits on a rock by a stream and plays a wood flute, resting, sighing, enjoying the scenery. Small animals come around normally as if not afraid of her presence.

    She continues down the mountain coming to a highway running through the forest region, she follows close to the tree line and avoids being too close to the paved road.

    Entering a small town, she goes to a local lawyer with an office above an old shop. The shop is a vintage wood structure, with large windows and a narrow stair just inside the door. She goes inside passing under an old, style lawyer's shingle sign hanging from the building….

    Longer synopsis and description is pending.

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