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Teri Evans

Hi I'm Teri!

Growing Up

I grew up in Asbury Park on the real Jersey Shore!  At that time the Asbury Boardwalk was THE place to go in the Summer!  There were rides, games, fun houses, food stands, crowds of people and especially Koors Ice Cream and Frozen Custard.   

The Mansion and Art College

I was introduced to my passion for faces at the Haunted Mansion of Long Branch (pictured below).  After the Summers there, for a few years I studied Art at Ramapo College in NJ.  Though I never completed my degree I was able to continue my love for drawing; even though it was mainly confined to paint, pencils, chalk & paper.  I must say, I did miss doing the faces.   

Hundreds of faces

Click on the Gallery link and you can see many of the faces I've done.  There are far too many to post but this is just a sample.

Facing the Future

In the future I would like to do more children's faces.  I have done enough "horror" faces over the years and would at this point would prefer to do more with "happy" and "uplifting" faces and make up.